Word #15 – Compromise

Compromise is defined as “an intermediate state between conflicting alternatives reached by mutual concessions”.

A compromise is a sign of a successful negotiation, a situation when everybody wins or at least they feel like that. It’s when both parties leave the table feeling that they have won the battle. In other words, it is finding a way to “meet in the middle”.

In reality, when we compromise we don’t win any battle. Usually, we get something of what we want but not all of what we want. As Stephen R. Covey describes in his book The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, “compromise means 1+1=1½… A low form of Win/Win”.

When it comes to business, relationships with partners, family or friends we all make small compromises on a daily basis and as they say nothing comes without a price. What is important is to remember that when we decide to compromise we first need to calculate and appreciate the cost of what we are giving up and how much we are willing to lose.

There are times when we decide to compromise only because we fear change. A certain way of living, the usual habits and the comfort in everyday routines make change challenging and therefore compromise a convenient approach.

There are some elements, however, that we should keep unbroken. These are our core values, needs, wants and desires. It is when we start to compromise these essentials of who we are that make the cracks of a personal or professional relationship more obvious.

So, what are you going to do? Will you compromise for something that no longer serves you? Will you choose to settle for something that doesn’t make you happy only because it’s convenient? Will play you it safe or take the risk?

One thing I know is that happy people don’t settle. They look for new opportunities and take risks that put them out of their comfort zone… Because that’s where the magic happens!

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