Word #11 – Opportunity

Opportunity is defined as “a time or set of circumstances that makes it possible to do something”. Some believe that opportunities are out there for us to grab them and there are others who think that we shouldn’t wait for opportunities to come to us, instead we should create them ourselves.

If we decide to sit and wait for the opportunity to come then the process is easy and the effort is limited to keeping our eyes and ears open in case it comes and knocks on our door. If we decide to create it then that’s another story… more interesting and more exciting!

One of the most important skills that is required in order to create our own opportunities is courage. And most of the time we find courage because there are some things in life that simply cannot be avoided. Those uncomfortable feelings that flood us when we have to make that first move are the ones that help us to step outside our comfort zone. And this is when we create the opportunity.

Usually shame controls most aspects of our behaviour, holding us back from doing what we want or what feels right at any given time. Our shame can rot us from the inside and kills us, because it’s always about who we believe we are. However, in the end we can’t hide and the body cannot lie as it sends out the right signals.

When opportunity is created and life forces us to do something impossible an explosion happens inside us. It makes us stronger, determined, confident and faster. We override fear and make the impossible possible. That’s when magic happens!

*Blog post dedicated to this special person who did not wait for it but created that Once-In-a-Lifetime opportunity for both of us. Thank you Fran.

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