Word #9 – Loyalty

Sincerity is a great quality that one could possess, but in my eyes loyalty can take any kind of relationship onto a different level. It gives any kind of relationship a different dimension and opens up avenues for a clearer and more effective communication.

But what is loyalty? Loyalty is defined as “faithfulness to commitments or obligations”. It is commonly accepted that loyalty is an essential quality in any close relationship – personal or business. It feels good being loyal and it feels even better being on the “receiving end” of all that loyalty.

However, loyalty is often seen as a sacrifice. G. M. Adams mentions in his book You Can “Loyalty means sacrifice. But sacrifice means Success”. It is true that having to sacrifice can create negative feelings and a sense of obligation which make us most of the time do the opposite and cling even more to temptations. But rather than seeing loyalty as something that we “have to”, we need to see it as something we “get to”.

Loyalty leads to feelings of security which in turn leads to better understanding and the formation of deeper bonds with other people. It takes away the guilt and makes us feel proud for the right decisions we took, for the things we did not give in to.

But what’s more important is not the loyalty we have towards our relationships with other people, but more the one we have with our own self. To quote what someone close to me once said “Be loyal to yourself, who you are and what your strengths are. Stay close to those and life will get a whole lot better”.

Many of us spend more time being loyal to others and we often forget that we need to be loyal to ourselves. Remembering who we are, standing by our principles, sticking to our plans and going after what we want can unlock new levels of our confidence and can be the best mood lifter.

…Because loyalty is more than a word, it’s a way of life.

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