Word #8 – Sincerity

“Do you date others while dating me?” she asked. “No!” he replied. “You’re lying” she said. He knew that she was right, he also knew that he lied. “I’d never lie to you” he answered. It’s one of those typical relationship conversations when both people know, but sincerity is absent.

Sincerity- what a word! A very important person to me recently tried to describe it… “It’s worth more than money, it could replace ability and knowledge, it is the biggest test of character”. So true.

Sincerity is defined in the dictionary as “the absence of pretence, deceit or hypocrisy”. It’s one of those virtues that you’d wish more people to have.

But why do people lie? Why do they create so much stress around them and other people? People are afraid of what it might happen if they told the truth. We lie because the truth hurts. But no matter how hard we try to ignore or deny, eventually the truth comes out whether we like or not.  So what do you do then?              Don’t you feel bad when the true has reveiled itself? Wouldn’t it be better if we were sincere with each other in the first place? The truth about truth is that is hurts, so we lie.

If you ask me I’d say that sincerity gives a person another value, it attracts respect and appreciation and sets the basis of long lasting relationships. As George M. Adams states in his book You Can “lack in inability and knowledge are many times excused. But sincerity-never”. Be sincere.

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