Word #7 – Regret

If there was one and only one thing that you’d ever want to say to someone and never did what would that be? Have you regretted for not saying it? How does it feel to know that once you had the chance to say that and now you don’t?

The feeling that deluges us is REGRET and it is followed by that voice in our head asking constantly “what if”. “Regret is defined as a negative conscious and emotional reaction to personal past acts and behaviours. Regret is often a feeling of sadness, shame, embarrassment, depression, annoyance or guilt after one acts in a manner and later wishes not to have done so” (Wikipedia).

Of course the feeling of regret does not come only from the things we did not say or do but also from the things we said or did. Eckhart Tolle in his book Stillness Speaks probes the question “Do you carry feelings of guilt about something you did – or failed to do – in the past?”. His answer to this question is that “you acted according to your level of consciousness or rather unconsciousness at that time. If you had been more aware, more conscious, you would have acted differently”.

One thing is certain… we don’t have unlimited chances to have the things we want and nothing feels worse than missing an opportunity that could have changed our life forever.

And here is a little piece of advice: life is too short to wake up every morning with regrets. So, do or say what you consciously feels is right.

Did you regret?

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