Word #6 – Patience

It’s like the noise of an old door. It squeaks every time you open it when you enter the house and you close it behind you when you leave. And every time you remind yourself “I need to fix it” and leave it for tomorrow.

Old things, used by many different people who then moved on. They touched the door, they used it, they opened it and closed it several times, they tested its resistance in time and its patience. Just like we test other people’s patience and other people test ours.

Patience is a strange word. Strong. Appealing. Patience is a virtue and as Aristotle taught us “patience is bitter, but it’s fruit is sweet”. Some of us have a lot of it inside and some of us not so much. In fact, you never know how much patience can someone hide in their soul.

How strong are these patient people for all they take in and never say anything? For all the time and space and air they give to others? They sit and watch others without saying anything. These people don’t waste their words. These people give chances, a first chance, a second chance, a third chance and they give time until others understand and take full responsibility of their actions. Fulton J. Sheen stated that “patience is not absence of action; rather it is timing. It waits on the right time to act, for the right principles and the right way”.

How wise are these people? Wise until there is no patience left.

Like that old door. It will squeak and squeak until your patience is gone. Until you can’t stand that noise every time you leave and every time you enter the house.

And then you know… You have to oil it, get a new door or keep that door shut forever… Make sure your choice worth that patience!

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